Repeal Section 704 of the
"Telecommunications Act of 1996"

     This petition was created by Truth & Facts Never Lie on February 2, 2017.

NOTE: This Petition is replacing WE the PEOPLE petition established on February 1, 2016, screenshot provided below.  This petition is located at this web address: since WE the PEOPLE is failing to keep the petition updated and current with everyone's signatures, Until February 13, 2017, as of today (Feb. 13, 2017), this site shows that we have a total of 48 signatures of the 100,000 signatures needed by March 3, 2017.  Truth & Facts Never Lie has also set up this page to collect your signatures.

Section 704 prevents people from stopping cell towers, small cell infrastructure, and Wi-Fi on the basis of environmental effects which includes health.  On the surface, this section does not come out and say ‘health’ but it includes health.
Let us take the word environmental.  When you define environmental, you find we have an adjective to the noun environment.  We must look up definitions and meanings of “environment.”  The word “environment” is defined by the as, “[t]he sum total of all surroundings of living organisms, including natural forces and other living things, which provide conditions for development and growth as well as of danger and damage.
Let us check to see what the definition is with  It reads under bullet number two, “ecology. the air, water, minerals, organisms, and all other external factors surrounding and affecting a given organism at any time.”  Further down, we read what a British Dictionary definition of “environment” is on  They state under bullet number two that “(ecology) the external surroundings in which a plant or animal lives, which tend to influence its development and behaviour.
The common themes with environment are “surroundings,” “organisms or plant or animal,” and “conditions or factors or influence” on them.  This tells us that the atmosphere around something living can have either a negative or a positive consequence or both.  Therefore, by trying to say that Section 704 does not cover health is absurd.  The wireless industry is infiltrating the atmosphere or Earth’s surroundings with microwave and radio-frequencies which constitute as the environment.  This affects the natural electromagnetic charge of the planet, plants, animals, humans, and all living organisms.  This barrage of multiple frequencies entering into every living organism’s surroundings has affected and influenced the growth, the development and survival of each and every living organism.  This constitutes as the health effect through the environment. 
The effects of microwave and radio-frequencies have been known for 80+ years. It has been recognized by many countries including our own. The US Naval Medical Research Institute published a research report number MF12.524.015-0004B titled “Bibliography of reported biological phenomena (‘effects’) and clinical manifestations attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation.” This 1972 report has five pages of ailments contributed to microwave and radio-frequencies.  People are getting sick with cancer being the leading ailment.  Currently, the United States Government allows the wireless industry to hide behind Section 704 which prohibits people from stopping wireless technology because of health.  This must STOP!

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