I set up Truth & Facts Never Lie to broadcast the truth about wireless radiation and the destruction it causes upon the Earth's environment, the plants, the animals, and humans.

I am a voice who suffers from this epidemic.  I am one of those who against all odds, is standing up and is fighting for stricter standards and measures.  Standing up for those who cannot stand up and fight, for those who chose to end their fight with suicide because the world would not listen.  I am standing up and my voice will be heard.  I, myself, wonder if I should take that box of sleeping pills to end my own life, but two things keep me fighting and I will keep fighting.  Ecclesiastes 7:16-17, “Do not be overly righteous, nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself?  Do not be overly wicked, nor be foolish: Why should you die before your time?”  My ever growing passion that the voices of those who suffer from this epidemic must be heard for the safety of everyone especially the children of the world.  In other words, why should I die before my time, since I have a fire to educate people about this global addiction and put an end to the destruction of innocent children’s lives.

I was born in 1981 and I graduated college with a BA in business management.  I am very knowledgeable in Microsoft Office, C++, HTML, and Pascal Coding. I also have worked with other software programs and computer coding languages.  I own a Dell XPS Generation 4 computer that had a wireless keyboard and mouse.  I used a Wi-Fi Linksys router in my home for my laptop and printer use on the home network.  I even enjoyed playing video games on many consoles including the PC where I used to use wireless game controllers and I used to exercise on my Wii with either the EA Sports Active Accessories or the Wii fit board.

I owned a cell phone just like everyone with my first cellular plan starting in 2003, and later using a Bluetooth headset for my phones.  I used that even more after being advised by the mainstream media who interviewed doctors that it was better to use headsets than using your phone directly next to your head.  I especially used Bluetooth while I drove in my car to work or long distance trips not realizing that inside a car using these devices would be detrimental.  I even had a GPS Garmin Dash-cam for recording all my routes I drove.  I can even state that I lived for almost two years above a Verizon retail store, just a normal life correct.  I was big into being tech savvy and was always into the latest gizmos and gadgets whether I purchased them or not.

This is what I thought was a normal life, little did I know that something would change all this.  This new global epidemic would eventually change my life forever.  Looking back, all the signs were warning me of this ultimate life change, life altering disaster, created by this nation’s addiction.  In 2006-2010, I would go into the local hospital for constipation type issues, as well as migraine type headaches.  At one point in my apartment above Verizon I woke up to my alarm but literally could not move my head, my arms and my legs.  I was literally frozen in my bed unable to speak and move.  In fact to this day, I wake up to the slightest alarm sound due to this fear of what happened to me that morning.  My family can attest to the change in my alarm habits for I used to sleep through all my alarms, now I rarely sleep through an alarm, in fact in most cases I am awake minutes before the alarm goes off.

Change of job in 2011 brought me a new management career which required me to carry a cordless phone and a radio device for communication at all times at work.  I believe this was the last straw to my ultimate life changing crash in August of 2012.  The night where I had a massive-excruciating headache that Ibuprofen couldn’t help.  In fact to this day, I cannot take Ibuprofen, even though it was my number one choice for pain medication at the time.  I threw everything up I had for supper that evening, and I was in so much pain that I literally started to wish that my life would just end for the pain was beyond unbearable, beyond sufferable.  The doctor at the Emergency Room told me that if he had to give me any more pain killers he would have to prescribe narcotics.  I told him no on the narcotics and hoped that the dosages he did give me would lessen the pain.  Let me just state that was one of the longest nights of my life.  This is the night that fully threw my life into this new global epidemic of sensitivity at full throttle.

To this day, I am sensitive to all electronic devices that communicate wirelessly at some level.  Most people would call them “wireless devices,” however the mainstream media calls them “electronic devices” so they can hide the truth about the devices that are causing this global epidemic.  In order to satisfy the wireless industry who support them, they have chosen to lie to the public and put the big dollar industry in front of the safety of their own family and friends.  This is true with the politicians who have let the big dollar industry run this country for the past half a century.  We wouldn’t have a huge new global epidemic called “Microwave Sickness,” if the media would tell the public the truth, and the politicians would stand up and fight for safe standards for the people’s voices they represent.

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Almost 9 years at grocery store
I worked almost nine years at a grocery store chain where I stocked shelves, took care of the customers, bagged groceries and was closing night manager one or two times a week.
Almost 4 years at home improvement store
I worked almost four years at a home improvement store where I was once an assistant department manager and a department manager at one time.
Graduated high school
Got my BA in business management