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We have found 182 testimonials online and more are showing up.  Below, we have posted a few of these stories for your educational purposes.

We need to start listening to these stories before it is too late!

In addition to this, we found 64 people who support the cause who themselves may also be sensitive.

Will you also stand up alongside us to defend our  human rights .

Truth & Facts Never Lie

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity,
It is real!
Your stories and how wireless ‘radiation’ has brought you harm will help us in addressing this inaccurate definition such as Wikipedia categorization of the condition.


Your story could be the next one posted here!  If we do not stand up and say no to the wireless industry. Say no to cell phones, say no to WiFi, you must stand up and say “NO!!
Wikipedia continues to categorize Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity as "pseudoscience." Ask these people if this is all in their head. Especially, the children's stories that are posted on this page. There is nothing that is "pseudoscience" about this! Plus a medical code, though it is not billable, exists in the ICD10 as W90.0 Exposure to radiofrequency which is under W90 Exposure to other nonionizing radiation and here is a camera photo of the ICD10 Manual.

Below are testimonials of people.  Please respect these individuals as it is not easy for them to share their stories.  By clicking on my "Links" button above you will find more information as you research this topic.  However please keep in mind this page is not linked so you will need to either bookmark it or write it down and keep in a safe location.  
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Cell Phone Testimonials

  1. Tiffany Frantz - At the age of 21, developed breast cancer in the exact location of where she kept her cell phone.  In fact the images of her cancer outline the exact size of her phone on her chest and how it laid upon her.  Watch her story at: .
  2. Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez - Please do not forget Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez from Florida who died of three cancers all related to where his cell phone was.  Here is his testimony at .
  3. Matt Huck - You can read the 20 page story at which is downloadable at the bottom in PDF format.
  4. Donna Jaynes - At the age of 38, she developed breast cancer exactly where she kept her cell phone.  Watch her story here: .
  5. Alan Marks - He won a lawsuit that enabled the city of Berkeley to warn cell phone users from his experiences of having a cell phone for over 20 years.  A brain tumor specialist in Sweden remarked how Alan was “the poster boy” for people about the increased risk of one developing cancer due to their prolonged cell phone activities.  His story available at
  6. Paul Prischman - He died at the age of 42 due to a cell phone induced cancer.  Listen to his widow at

Cell Phone Tower Testimonials

  1. Eileen O'Connor - One of the testimonials of the Wishaw mobile phone mast and the cancer cluster tower.  Here is a copy of her presentation: .  Her information is available on cell phone masts;
  2. Fairfax County, Virginia Children - These children ask to stop a cell tower from being put up in their playground.  Video link is:
  3. A woman's story about rooftop antennas – She shares her daughter’s and her story at:

Smart Meter Testimonials

  1. Connie - Watch her story about smart meters at:
  2. Sandy Aiders - Her husband and her suffer from being harmed by smart meters.  Watch Sandy tell their story at:

Wi-Fi Testimonials

  1. Teenagers and Childrens testimonies to WiFi – Watch that here:
  2. Jenny Fry - At the age of 15, she committed suicide because no one would support her with her realization that WiFi at her school was the cause of her problem.  Did the medical field help or investigate, NO!  Her story is at
  3. Sixth Grader - This girl's comments can be watched at: or
  4. Student at Onteora School District - This student talks about their health at:
  5. Student Story - Here is a video of a female student:


Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Testimonials
- Microwave Sickness Testimonials

You can call it what you want, but these people below suffer just like the ones above.  They give it a name, it's "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivites" however the German's in the early 20th Century called it "Microwave Sickness."  Once your life has been destroyed by man-made radiation, there is no "cure all" fix to make things the way they were before.  You can do things to ease the pain, even put a Band-Aid fix on it.  However, this does not cure it but will only help make you feel that you are almost whole once again.  Please respect the "canaries in the coal mine."
  1. Candy - Her comments can be seen at:
  2. Reverend Carsten Häublein - He committed suicide after suffering from wireless radiation and after ten years of suffering took his own life.  His story is at
  3. Sarah Riley - Her story is available at:
  4. Andrew McAfee – His story is available by watching "Search for a Golden Cage:"
  5. Dafna Tachover - Take part in her journey to find a place of residency due to being harmed by technology.  Watch at:
  6. David Wientjes – David’s wife and David started having symptoms to wireless radiation from antennas put up near them.  Watch his comments at: .
  7. Silvia Wilson - She moved across the Atlantic Ocean to find relief.  Her story is available at;
  8. Jennifer Wood - Hear her story at:


  1. Virginia Farver – She lost her son Rich Farver at the age of 29 to glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain cancer on October 11, 2008 which was a direct consequence of having a cell phone.  This cancer was in direct location of where Mr. Farver held his cell phone.  Story can be found at We Are The Evidence .
  2. Traci Frantz - She is the mother of Tiffany Frantz, who at the age of 21, developed breast cancer in the exact location where she kept her cell phone.  In fact the images of her cancer outline the exact size of her phone on her chest and how it laid upon her.   Watch Tiffany's story at:
  3. Naveen Albert